* About the Historical Society*

Originally meeting at the Schultz-Holmes Memorial Library on S. Lane Street, the Blissfield Area Historical Society has been active for over forty years and has consisted of local individuals who love history. The society continues to give presentations on local history, spurs community involvement, and display its collections for all to see.

The Blissfield Area Historical Society is also an approved 501(c)3 organization.

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Board of Trustees

Connie Seiser, President, Museum Director
Shelby Jean Raines, President Emerita
Christine Webster, Vice President
Oliver Brown, Secretary
Kathy Bella, Treasurer

About the Museum

The story of the Depot Museum spans several centuries - and the restoration, many decades. Between the 1850-1860s, the 'Lakeshore Station' was built in Deerfield, Michigan, adding on the passenger wing in the 1880s. In 1911, the Depot was still active, and by the 1960s it was used as a storage facility by the neighboring co-op, for grain and fertilizer. After numerous sales, and bumps in the road, the Depot ended up in the hands of Connie Seiser the Blissfield Area Historical Society. Today, the museum displays items from throughout Blissfield area history, and transports visitors through time once they step in the historical depot.

Lakeshore Station, in use in Deerfield, MI

Depot Timeline

  • Lakeshore Station built between 1850s-1860s

  • Added passenger wing in 1880s

  • Early 1930s, co-owner, John Seiser's grandpa Frank Seiser rode the train to Detroit to watch Ty Cobb play with the Tigers

  • 1978, Larry Carpenter bought the depot from the Village of Deerfield and it sat on the corner of M50 and Denius Rd.

  • 1990 Art Weeber bought it from Larry Carpenter

  • 1991 Art donated it to the Blissfield Area Historical Society

  • 1991 Had a Historical Home Tour to raise money and brought the Depot to Blissfield on October 3, 1991.

  • Al Smith built the foundation and it was set on its foundation in December 1991.

  • 1992 Started renovations in the Spring, we weather made process challenging

  • 1991-1997 Annual Home Tours to raise money. Also did Taco Tent at River Raisin Festival

  • July of 1997 we burned the $25,000 mortgage. Mortgage that four of the Historical Society members had taken in their name. Total budget = approx. $125,000

  • Approx. 2000 Became Chamber Office at the Depot, then DDA, Michigan Mainstreet, and numerous directors.

  • Fall of 2007, basement flooded, cleaned out with Kay Brown and DPW workers

  • Approx. 2016, DDA moved out of depot and into offices in the newly renovated village offices in Downtown Blissfield.

  • In 2019, Museum Director, Connie Seiser and her husband, heard about the possibility of selling the depot for very little money, and we asked if we could have the depot for the museum.

  • 2019, Village gave Seiser and Historical Society a chance with the depot, and the site was cleaned and renovated and began hosting events like Yuletide, and open to the public to view the collections, and use the public restrooms.

  • Today (2022), The Depot is alive and thriving, with cataloging of the collections taking place, and monthly historical society meetings exploring the history of Blissfield

photos of moving of the depot, restoration, inside after restoration complete, burning of mortgage.

Plan a Visit

Located in the heart of downtown Blissfield at 105 N. Lane Street, behind the train tracks and the old Drew's Hotel, the Blissfield Depot Museum is open to explore local history, and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the Depot experience.Hours:11-3 Every Saturday and open for Special Events in Downtown Blissfield

Become a Member

Interested in the Depot Museum and want to get involved? The Blissfield Area Historical Society is always looking for more volunteers to help us with our current projects!Some of our projects include:
- Watching the Depot Museum when it is open
- Assisting in cataloging the museum collection
- Volunteering for the home tours, or other events the Blissfield Area Historical Society hosts!
- Helping with other projects being coordinated.Of course there are many more opportunities available.If you are interested, volunteer forms are available at the Depot, or contact Connie Seiser, at cjseiser@gmail.com for more information!

Collection & Research

Unfortunately, the Blissfield Area Historical Society & Depot Museum collections are not currently available to view online, since we are still working on cataloging our items. If you are interested in a particular historical topic pertaining to the Blissfield Area - or looking for an item, please send us a message with what you are wanting to research at our museum. We will receive your request, and respond as soon as possible.Please make sure the email you enter is one you check regularly, or leave a cellphone number for easier contact, if necessary.

Collection & Exhibitions

When visiting the Depot Museum, guests are greeted by a diverse collection of items relating to local history. Our collections range from postcards of local businesses and homes, local business memorabilia, civil war artifacts, a jail cell, and period clothing. Of course, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Depot.Current notable exhibitions are the 'Merle's Marvelous Carvings' exhibit, featuring woodcarvings by a former Blissfield artist, Merle Porter, and also the (growing!) Sesquicentennial Exhibit.

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